About Lexus

In a relatively short period of time, Lexus has established a unique place in the automotive world as a manufacturer of premium vehicles that distil breathtaking design, advanced technology, heart-stopping performance, environmental sensitivity and refined levels of luxury into one distinctive package. Lexus is constantly looking to the future, driven by innovation, in our pursuit of perfection.

The Lexus story

When a group of automotive executives met in August 1983, they shared a bold vision to create a luxury vehicle that would rewrite the rule book on luxury and performance. From the very beginning, the pursuit of perfection was established as the driving force behind this ambitious goal. Every single element of the first Lexus created, and indeed every vehicle since, was designed and built with this guiding principle in mind.

Design and innovation

Underpinned by innovation, the process to create a Lexus vehicle is unique within the automotive industry. Taking inspiration from fields as diverse as the fashion industry, architecture, the arts and medicine, each vehicle is painstakingly crafted to meet Lexus exacting standards.

Our commitment to the environment

Lexus is passionately committed to the environment with an acute awareness of the way our actions today will affect future generations. We are leaders in the development of luxury hybrid technology and continue to work hard to make constant improvements.

Other manufacturers in the luxury market have created confusion as to the advantages of a full hybrid, such as those offered by Lexus, as opposed to mild hybrids offered by rivals. Lexus will forever innovate and seek better solutions to minimise the impact we have, investing in the future of the planet.

The Lexus customer experience

Our relationship with our customers doesnt end the moment they purchase a Lexus vehicle. Rather, the Lexus customer experience continues for years to come with a range of exclusive benefits and privileges. Upon purchase of a Lexus you will become a member of the Encore Privileges programme for the duration of your warranty period, a service unrivalled in Australia.

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